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What We Do


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As a company dedicated to design, technology and business growth, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve creativity and keep up with the latest trends & technologies. Working hard to stay on the cutting edge of our industry to ensure that our clients stay relevant, and at the forefront of theirs. In short, Calinix uses integrated strategies to build strong brands set to thrive, and look great too.

What We Do


In todays world, a responsive website is vital for any business. On top of that, your website must be well-designed, secure, and up to all coding & SEO standards. If just one aspect of your website is not up to par, you could potentially lose business.

Not to worry! At Calinix, not only do we tailor-design your website, but we are completely dedicated to building your brand a strong web presence. We stay on the cutting edge of technology and web innovation to make sure that your business is ahead of the curve. Make the internet work for you!. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

 Authentic designs with reliable and fast customer service.

Lorenzo C.

I recieved 3 custom logos that are by far nothing but pure talent! I was put to ease with the company’s wording of my flyer! They basically sold my business for me. I’m very happy and will come back again.

Lisa D., TWP Fitness

Overall perfect customer experience. My business is booming right now and I owe it to calinix. I now use them for all of my advertising and promotional items. The personal level they work with me on and quality of service/products is amazing.

Jude L., Lupica Distribution

Originally had our logo done here, recently returned for a website. Both experiences so far could not be better. We’ve stayed so informed and our site is far beyond our expectations. The amazing effects and endless options for our site is simply amazing. Plus, they mean it when they say satisfaction guaranteed.

Dennis K., Crux Systems

The CLNX Blog

We are creative, innovative, edge-living designers who love creating great content. Naturally, we made The CLNX Blog to get that content out there. It’s fairly new, but we expect to fill up posts in a short amount of time. Here you’ll find all of our company news, promotions & discounts; plus industry news, tips, tricks and opinions. Focused on web design, graphic design, digital marketing, social media and so on. BUT we’ll pretty much write about anything interesting. Check it out!

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