5.5 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

5.5 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

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Website Redesign is an integral part of your digital presence.

As time goes on, businesses evolve and change.  Your business will grow, take on new ventures, update/change it’s image, provide new services or products, move or add locations, and try to stay current in the modern world. Additionally, much of the same can be said for the Internet. Along with our modern culture, the web is a constant progression. Always evolving – creating new technology, styles, trends, applications and so on; and in order to be successful, you must adapt.

Your website is your home base for your brand on the web. Keeping it strong, safe and up to date is vital to your entire business. So when change happens as it so often does, you eventually need to rebuild. Redesigning your site could be just the thing you need to lead your competitors or increase your growth.

1) The Design and/or Features Are Outdated

It doesn’t take long to spot a website that is outdated. For most people, outdated features or an old-looking site immediately create a negative impression. They are less likely to contact that business,  When your website looks like the ones you browsed back in the 90’s, forgetaboutit. Congratulations! You just lost potential customers. The look and feel of your website is everything online. It creates that magical first impression for your new viewers, and keeps your current audience coming back.

I recently stumbled upon a website similar to those you’d find in the early 2000’s. Almost instantly, I stopped taking that business seriously, and I was gone. The next website I landed on was fantastic; it caught my attention, was easily navigated, and most of all-had a modern look. That site is where I chose to do business.

Research shows that my experience falls in line with the majority of web goers. Outdated designs, links, information, applications, and other features will certainly lose you leads, customers and money.

2) Your Website Isn’t Responsive

If your website was created before 2010, odds are you need a redesign.

Why? The majority of web-users now use mobile devices. Browsing from their phones, tablets, and smart watches – which means a huge variety of screen sizes. Older sites will look great on your laptop, but on today’s mobile devices they are simply inadequate & useless. Responsive design has cured this problem; making your website viewable and usable on absolutely any device that it’s viewed on.

In 2015, Google began what has now been dubbed “Mobilegeddon” when they updated their algorithm to award websites that were viewable on mobile devices. This basically made responsive design the only option for website design. However, many web designers (including ours!) have been creating responsive websites since 09-10 after the release of CCS3.

Today, if your website is not responsive, you are wasting time and money. Not only will you waste your resources, you’ll also lose business from the high percentage of mobile viewers, and you probably wont even rank on the first 3 pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo search results. Just remember that when you redesign, do it the right way.

3) Most Of The Content Is Outdated

This is a big one, but I see it with small businesses all the time. Updating your website is essential. Old information will have people calling wrong numbers, visiting wrong locations, at the wrong gathering, and just plain frustrated with your business.

In today’s world, so many people are attached to the web via their phones that not taking advantage of it, is foolish. The benefits of having a solid web presence and keeping it current are huge.

When someone comes across your site, they are usually looking for specific information, and they want it as quickly as possible. If that’s not the case, they may be looking deeper into your business. Looking for other information that would be beneficial to them and ultimately you. Inaccurate information will waste their time and they will most likely move on.

There comes a time when too much of your information is outdated, incorrect, or useless in some way and your site needs an overhaul. At this point, you should start planning your redesign, instead of simply updating.


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4) Your Website Isn’t Doing Much For Your Business.

Throughout this article you will notice I often mention the benefits of a strong digital presence. That’s because I come across so many businesses on a daily basis who do not get the most out of theirs, or don’t even care about it. They usually believe it won’t do much for them, they don’t need it, or that their Facebook page is plenty. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Your website is the center of your digital presence. Without one, you don’t have much. Using a couple of social media accounts are fantastic to have, don’t get me wrong, but if that’s all your business has they won’t help much. A strong digital brand has many parts. A solid, modern website, market-key social media accounts and/or a blog, strong search engine optimization, and also utilizes several important digital advertising platforms. All while tracking analytics to adjust fire.

Even if you don’t have money for advertising, the benefits of crafting a strong brand online (the right way) are tremendous. Once you have it you may just be shocked at the amount of clients and leads you receive from your website, search engines, or social media. Some small businesses bring in anywhere from 50 to 80% of their business from the web by having a bulletproof digital presence.

If you are not receiving many leads or clients from the web, you need to take action. We live in a digital world, so make the most of it. Redesign your entire digital brand if you need to! But your website – is the key.

5) Your Site Isn’t Ranking On Major Search Engines.

If you’re site does not rank, at the very least, somewhere on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing’s results; then you are likely in need of a website redesign. There are many, many factors that help search engines decide the ranking of your website. But if you aren’t ranking on the first page or anywhere at all with your keywords, it’s time to redesign.

Search Engine Rank

Now some of you might be thinking, what about Search Engine Optimization(SEO)? Let’s say you like your website, and you’ve heard that it just needs SEO services to rank higher online. For many websites, this may be true. However, if you are unsure, you should seek a truly honest professional opinion. I emphasize the truly honest because many companies may be just trying to dig in your pockets. In fact, I have personally heard stories of companies spending way too much on SEO services that never even moved them up a single rank, or a customer gets a redesigned website that simply needed better SEO due to their competitive market.

If you are still not 100% after receiving a professional opinion, make an educated decision. First ask yourself, how old is my website? Then go through our list here (1-5.5). If your site does not show any of the other signs, SEO may be the way to go. But if it shows even one of the other signs, it may be time to think about redesign.

5.5*) It loads SLOWLY.

5.5? Yes, thats right… That’s because it goes hand in hand with #5 (Your Site Isn’t Ranking…). If you have a slow loading website, you can say goodbye to ranking in a search engine’s top 3, or better yet the entire first page of results. In fact, if it is THAT slow, you can say goodbye to being listed by some search engines at all.

‘We found that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.’ – Statement from DoubleClick by Google after their “Need For Mobile Speed” study in 2016.

This company in the U.K. wrote an excellent article on the effects of website load times. A much more in-depth look at the subject, for those who are interested.

If your site makes people feel like they are waiting for AOL to dial up their connection, it’s definately time for a redesign.

For many businesses, a well-crafted website redesign could do amazing things. You capture new leads and clients, present an image that gets people interested, reassure your customers that your business is the best of the best in the modern world, and so much more. The end result being an increase in revenue and customers.

Time goes on, and with that change, a business must either be on the cutting edge or adapt or they will certainly be lost. This especially true for the web. A digital presence must stay current in order to be successful, and the benefits of the web are greater than most people realize. This is why website redesign is so necessary. Enjoy our list, and put it to use to identify when your time has come!

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