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About Calinix (kuh-lin-icks)

Our Mission Statement


ur mission stays focused on Quality, Innovation and Personalization. Calinix is a branding agency on the cutting edge of innovation. Always making sure to stay up to date with technology and digital-trends. This helps keep our client’s up to date with the latest web design and market-based trends. Ultimately keeping them at the forefront of their industry.  Here at Calinix, we are dedicated to crafting strong, well-designed brands. We also aim to provide top of the line, high quality services, products and experiences. Always keeping our customers first by aiding in the economic growth of their business through personalized, friendly service. Each day we push forward in our craft. All while maintaining our core values and striving for the best possible customer experience.  

What We Do

Responsive Web Design
Blog & Social Media Design
Web Presence Development
Graphic Design
*Logo & Business Card Design
High Quality Printing
Digital & Traditional Marketing



Who We Are


alinix was formed from within Boston-based company CL Design in late 2016. The idea of Calinix and its goals were strategically planned out. Selecting the cream of the crop for its team, technology and affiliates. Then we found a new home in Brownville, New York. Our team of innovative, tech-inspired & creative designers quickly settled in and got to work. With our goals now set, we made it our mission to become more than just a company. We wanted to give back to our communities & leave our mark. So this led to the idea that started The Community Project.(Which unfortunately is still developing). Then came our expansion of services which added our marketing and high quality printing services. Now with our objectives in place we laid out a market-based & customer-oriented mission statement. Calinix was ready to roll.

Today we continue to be a passionate group of professionals dedicated to building strong brands. Constantly aiming to launch businesses to new levels of success. Achieved by utilizing effective marketing, clean design and building a strong web presence. Calinix has become a one stop branding service. Whether you are a new start-up or just ready to revitalize your business of 30 years, we have your solutions! We only succeed when you do!

Calinix  Extras

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Web Hosting, Domains & DNS
Personalized, Friendly Service
Flexibility & Options
Market Research
Affordable, Quality Service


Everything you need for branding your business.


Our Process


Initial project collaboration with customer.


Brainstorm, plan and begin intense market research.


Old-school style pencil and paper drafting.


Begin the design and/or service of project.


Final editing and customer confirmation.


Finished project is presented, distributed, posted and/or shipped.

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Take your business to the next level!

We believe that a strong brand and effective marketing is the key to growth and success. Let Calinix build your brand and increase your potential.

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