Amazing Google Projects You May Not Know.

Amazing Google Projects You May Not Know.

The Digital Giant

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There is only one company that has managed to nearly conquer the digital world. Whether you like it or not, Google is everywhere. The reason why is fairly simple, Google projects, apps, and products are just superior to their competition’s. Not only do they set the web’s search engine standard (which effects the entire internet), they also run more than half of the mobile market. Everything from your phone to your tablet & laptop, Google is king.

Yet there is so much more to this company than most people realize!

Aside from the intense privacy & security issues I have with Google, I still remain a big fan. In Fact, the more I’ve learned about these folk, the more I like them. Especially when it comes to their open-source mindset, or the amazing things they are developing for the future of technology. We’ll get in to that stuff soon, now let’s get some of the basics out of the way.

Since 2010, Google has been acquiring an average of one company every week.

Which means Google has acquired somewhere around 350 companies since 2010, wow. These companies come from every industry and market you can imagine, and so they have to put them somewhere, right?

First of all, the list of departments, projects, websites, subsidiaries, and partnerships that this tech-giant runs is a long one. Many of which, fly under the radar. Sure, many people know the big ones like Chrome, Android, Chromecast, Blogger, Youtube, and so on. Most are also aware of their solutions for just about everything on the web like Search, G-mail, Adwords, Plus, Hangouts, etc.. Plus, how could we forget about the mobile applications for just about anything you can imagine?

Well folks, the more I learn about this company, the crazier it gets. So let’s get right into it. Here are some of Google’s most amazing projects that you might not even know about.

Deep Mind

google deepmind AI walks

Deep Minds AI, AlphaGo, Learns to walk.

Google’s Deep Mind Project is the world’s leader in developing Artificial Intelligence. So when the machines finally rise and we’re all looking for Sarah Connor, blame these guys, not Skynet.

Seriously though, Deep Mind is making HUGE advances in AI. One being DeepMind’s AlphaGo software that defeated a world champion in a five-game series of Go not long ago, which set a milestone in computing(Why? Read Here). They’ve also taught AlphaGo to learn the ability to walk, which is no small feat. Learning any ability is a huge advance, and Deep Mind continues to wow people with their AI constantly improving, learning, and problem solving.

AI could potentially solve some of the World’s greatest problems. But! Some of the brightest minds of our time believe that there is also the possibility of Artificial Intelligence becoming the dominant intelligence. Which could eventually harm the human race. Obviously no one wants that, especially not Google; but they believe the benefits outweigh the risk. Only time will tell, but still…leave it to Google to be the ones to find out!

Also Check out Google Brain!

Project X

Project X is Google’s “moonshot program”. The projects that fall under Project X are usually amazing-type technology that will revolutionize our future in some way, shape, or form. Many of which have become available here and now!

Google Project X

Project Loon

One of the first and most prominent being “Project Loon”, Google’s balloon powered “Internet For Everyone” initiative. Google believes that the internet should be accessible for everyone, everywhere! So they set out to do something about it. Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural areas, fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after a disaster.

Project Verily

Of all the programs that have graduated from Project X, Project Verily is definitely one of the most prestigious. Verily is centered around medical advancement and has birthed some fascinating technology. One of the biggest advancements being that of Nano-technology. The research team is developing tiny magnetic particles called nanoparticles that can attach to cells, proteins, or other molecules. While also developing a wearable device or a pill form that would use a magnet to count the particles consistently, in order to detect cancer.

Verily partners with the best of the best to create solutions for patients with a wide range of severe and minor issues. They’re currently working on new tactics like AI assisted retinal imaging for diabetes-patients with eye issues, as well as new bioelectronic medicines to treat an array of varying conditions.

One of the biggest innovations at Verily is the new Smart Lens program, which is an ocular device with wireless sensing capabilities.The lenses would be solar powered and collect biological data about the wearer. Made for wirelessly monitoring by usuing glucose sensors to measure sugar levels in your tears. Additionally, the sensors embedded in the contacts could collect information like body temperature and blood-alcohol content.

Project Wing

Google’s drone delivery project is fittingly named, “Project Wing“. Project Wing has now moved beyond drones and drone delivery, and now is focusing on the day when it is a reality. Awaiting “a new commerce system that opens up universal access to the sky”. Currently they’re working on an unmanned traffic management platform so that hobbyists and commercial operators can safely navigate airspace. Helping shape the movement to create drone law and regulation for a whole new delivery-led market.

Other Project-X ventures include Makani, which aims to provide clean energy to everyone; Waymo, the self driving car project; and many others like Virtual Reality, Healthcare and more.

Calinix Web Design Ad

A Cure For Death?

That’s right, Google is trying to create a cure for death…. Surprised?

Yeah, me neither. Apparently little is known about this or the company known as California Life Company, or Calico. What we do know is the project’s researchers are working on learning why some genes correlate to longer lifespans in certain people. Studying cause and effect and this specific data to learn more about how…not to die.

Digital Freebies

Here you’ll find a list containing a few of Google’s amazing and inspiring projects that I felt I had to mention. There are so many more amazing online tools available from Google and many of those tools are FREE! Unfortunately, that list would take quite some time to publish, so for now here are some of my favorites:

  • Google Developer– Community and Tools (including Google Cloud) for developers.
  • Google Fonts – 100% free fonts for any use.
  • Analytics – User interface for monitoring analytical information about your website.
  • Search Console – Submit and manage and maintain your presence on Google search.
  • My Business – Visit and manage your business listing, page, and profile on Google.
  • Google Voice – 100% FREE VoiP phone number and service(Call/Text/Voicemail)via Google Voice OR Hangouts.

These services get used and abused every single day around here, and this is why I love Google.

We haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to Google projects. Stunning robotics departments, virtual reality, new phones and so much more could still be discussed, but we’ll save those for another article. I hope you enjoyed learning a thing or two about this huge digital giant that nearly runs the interweb. Until next time.

Have Some Fun! Here’s a list of some fun things created by Google.


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