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A Better Place To

Live, Work & Play.

The Community Project is a Calinix venture created to better our communities. Starting with in-need local businesses.

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Learn More About The Community Project.

Calinix recently started a project targeting communities across Northern New York called “The Community Project”. It’s mission is to clean up and modernize communities by offering discounted services to local businesses. Our plan is similar to how NYC revitalized broken-down neighborhoods like Brooklyn by changing it’s appearance. The government invested capital into Brooklyn’s clean up, new housing developments and local businesses in order to better the neighborhood. Well guess what? It worked!

A Plan Of Our Own

In light of NYC’s success, we crafted a plan similar in fashion. By making a local store or company more attractive, it boosts local economy and creates stronger, safer neighborhoods. A snowball effect occurs fueled by competition and uniformity . Other businesses are forced to keep up through their own modernization and beautification. Followed by nearby residential areas also improving their appearance. Eventually leading to the city or town doing their part to keep up the area as well. Furthermore, this newly remodeled neighborhood creates a stronger, safer, modernized and more attractive place to live. The community value then rises, leading to  a stronger economy, new attractions and potential new residents and businesses.

Taking Action.

Our company alone does not have the resources to help a community in every aspect (residentially, etc.). What we can do is revitalize local businesses, which is the key to transforming a community.  Making a business look good is what we do here at Calinix.  As a result we decided to stick to what we know, by making our plan of action focus solely on business redevelopment. We transform businesses into brands; giving them a modern stunning image through website design, logos, signs, advertising, digital presence, business cards, promotional items and more. Not only do these things look good, but they attract customers and leads as well. 



Want To Make A Change In Your Area?

We’re ready to develop a better appearance for your community right now. Donate today and leave the name of your community or write a detailed message. We will put 100% of your donations to bettering businesses in your area!

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Objective #1

If the Community Project is to be successful, there are two goals we need to achieve. The first goal set was to work with local and state government programs. In an effort to meet our goal, we reached out to Empire State Development for assistance. ESD is an incredible organization that provides great opportunities for businesses here in New York. Funding from this organization would allow us to grant monetary assistance to businesses for the remodeling of their brand. The positive impact this would have on it’s community would be immense. For now, we are still in talks with ESD among other local organizations to help make our plan a reality. Although nothing is yet complete, negotiations are looking good. Stay tuned for updates!

 Objective #2

The second objective involves monetary donations from you; the people who want to see change in their area. With your contributions we can boost your local economy and lay the foundation for a rising community. Every penny donated will go to the “CP”, allowing us to provide extreme discounts or even free services to those in need. Those who receive our services will get an attractive, modern re-branding of whatever is needed. For example; new signs, packaging, apparel, advertisements & more. Not to mention if there is more money available we can then distribute funds to clients who may need physical repairs within their area of operation. New paint,  windows, security equipment, furniture and whatever else they need would be additionally provided. Together with state-funded assistance and your donations,  we will contribute to our local economy and create a better place to live, work and play.

Who We’ve Heard From

Watertown, NY
Syracuse, NY
Adams Center, NY
Carthage, NY
Massena, NY
Oswego, NY
Governour, NY
Central Square, NY

Will You Work In My Neighborhood?

You know that beaten down area where your favorite take-out is? Or the rotting strip mall you drive by every day? Wouldn’t it be nice if the businesses located there would clean up their act and make the area a little… friendlier? That’s where we want to be. For now, The Community Project is ONLY OPERATING IN NORTHERN NEW YORK. More specifically; from the Syracuse Area, north through our main location in the Watertown area and all the way to Massena area. Located just outside of these areas? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! It can’t hurt. 

Donate OR Share!

Any and all donations are welcome. We get it though, extra income is hard to come by. However even if you cannot afford to donate; contact us! Let us know about your community! Tell us all about the area in your town that bugs you or you would love to see improved. Calinix is ready for your feedback and we are compiling lists and data for communities in need every day. Call, text, e-mail, message or find us on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

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