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In today’s world, a successful business knows the importance of their digital brand. A strong digital presence is made up of many components, but one of the most important by far is a social media presence.

Social media has become a necessity for any business; whether they flourish using a single Facebook account, or by staying on top of 8 different platforms. From the smallest home-based business up to the largest conglomerate, social media is a vital tool. It’s helped businesses build relationships & stay connected with their audience like never before. So it’s needless to state the importance of keeping up with your social accounts.

Still, it can be a daunting task. It is definitely not easy to keep your audience interested each and every day. Nevermind staying current with the latest news and trends, answering messages, booking appointments, advertising, or just responding to reviews & comments; and possibly across multiple accounts.

However, whether you need a jolt to spice up your page or you could use some help with it, the world wide web is there for you. There are tools all over the web to help you take your social media account above and beyond. And so, we have made a list of some of our favorite FREE online tools. Check them out, tinker around, and see what you come up with!

Social Media Tools


Stock Images

Let’s say you need a few images to use in the background of your next advertisement & your facebook header. It’s not like you can go out taking your own HD photos all day(Unless of course, that’s what you do), and that ladies and gentleman, is why stock imagery exists. Stock images are great for adding to your professional image. Of course, you want to find imagery that is unique and can relate to your business. Well, these websites will help you find those oh-so-perfect photos you’ve been searching for! Not to mention, for free & without hassle too.

  • Pixabay Tried and true. One of the largest communities online for stock images with millions of free photos.
  • Pexels One of my personal favorites & always a great place to find beautiful HD imagery.
  • Unsplash Another great website providing over 300,000 free images.

PAID Honorable Mentions

Adobe Stock



Photo Editors

Uploading a photo from the office today? Or maybe posting pictures after a special work-related event, but some of those images need a tweak or two. Well, having a photo editor across all of your devices is hard to come by. Especially one that can do exactly what you need.  Have no fear, these online tools are always available on the net and have some fantastic features.

These 3 photo editors are great options when looking for a free, web-based editor that’s easy to use and has a surplus of features.

  • Landscape by Sprout SocialAlthough Landscape is not a full-blown photo editor, it makes sizing and cropping images a breeze! Showing you what your image will look like on any social media platform.

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Campaign Management

Infographic Makers

Rise of short attention spans = rise of infographics. Who has time to read a whole paragraph? Give me so pictures with words! Infographics have been popular for awhile now and aren’t slowing down. Use these online tools to create your own!

All of the above are good tools for creating cost-free infographics. They’re also all simple enough for anyone to use and come out with a professional-looking finished product.

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Social Media Management


Make managing your social accounts simple. These tools will help you complete tasks like scheduling posts for the entire week, collecting all of your cross-platform messages in one inbox, and so much more. Each of these tools services vary, so check them out and see what they have to offer.

  • Hootsuite – Hootsuite is a full-force social media management platform that allows you to manage all of your social media channels and delegate tasks among your fellow team members.
  • Crowdfire – This helpful tool helps you grow your social accounts through a variety of methods like finding the best content to post and tracking people who check out your page.
  • BufferBuffer lets you publish and schedule content to your social networks
  • Zoho Social – Zoho makes some amazing products for free, and Zoho Social is no exception.
  • Tweetdeck – Tweetdeck has been around for a while for good reason. Even though it is for Twitter-only, it’s still a useful tool that is as simple as it gets.

PAID Honorable Mentions:

When it comes to this category, paid programs are worth the money! The following also have a free option.

Hootsuite (Paid)

Hubspot (Paid)



Hemingway Editor – Ensure your writing is clear, grammatical and spelled correctly!

Grammarly – Similar to The Hemingway Editor, Grammarly is a great tool by Google for all of your writing needs. It’s also a great browser extension that will assist you no matter where you type on the web.

These free tools are sure to help you boost your social media game, plus come in handy for a variety of other tasks. Check them out, find the right ones for you and get to work.

I know there are plenty we missed! If you have any suggestions, please comment below and let us know.

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