Outbound Marketing


Outbound Marketing


Our certified Marketing professionals help bring your brand to the forefront of your industry with Calinix Outbound Marketing tactics.

Outbound Marketing is what most people think of when they think marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, it uses digital tactics as well, and is an age-old technique that can be very… in your face. Which is why some also know it as Interruption Marketing. It interrupts a consumer’s flow of activity by broadcasting its message. This includes tactics like TV & radio commercials, pop-up ads, and billboards. 

Even though most people think many of these tactics are annoying, they have stuck around for a reason; THEY WORK. That’s why outbound marketing will never disappear. Marketing is everywhere in our daily lives in an attempt to familiarize company brands and sell products. This approach gives the consumer absolutely no choice in the matter of viewing that particular content. That may be irritating, but eventually, it pays off big. 

We employ outbound marketing to best grow your business and reach your audience. If your business is lacking that in its main strategy, we have the solutions to grow your brand.


  • TV & Radio Commercials

  • Billboards

  • Spam

  • Planted E-mail Links

  • Pop-ups

  • Video Ads

  • Interstitial Pages
  • Outbound Sales Calls

  • Elevator Pitch

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Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing only earned the prefix Traditional once the digital age emerged. Before that, it was simply known as Marketing, and so we can easily explain traditional marketing as being the opposite of digital marketing. Similar to digital marketing, there are many categories under traditional marketing’s broad spectrum. The most common categories being Print, Mail, Telephone, and Broadcast Marketing.

Our Traditional Marketing program (normally combined with the digital) works when it comes to building your brand. You get expert help to devise the perfect strategies for your business and provide all you need to succeed.  All of your marketing data & statistics are then gathered and combined with a digital analytics platform. This way we can adjust fire when necessary and gain the most out of your campaigns.

Calinix marketing works. Helping you gain leads, drive traffic, and increase revenue!

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Traditional Marketing Fun Fact

Neuroscience seems to agree that physical marketing trumps digital marketing when it comes to memory & brand association. Many studies have been done, including one by Bangor University & Millward Brown, who seemed to say it best. They concluded that physical material was more “real” to the brain. It involves more emotional processing and produced more brain responses. The physical material was better connected to the brains memory. In conclusion, the brain began giving it a meaning and a place, which then engaged spatial memory networks.


  • Newspaper/Magazine Ads

  • Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Signage/Flyers/Decals

  • & Other Distributed Printed Materials


  • Telemarketing

  • Cold Calling

  • Requested Calling

  • Customer Service Strategy

  • & Other Over The Phone Tactics


  • Television Commercials

  • Radio Advertisements

  • Movie Theatre Screen Ads
  • Radio/TV Guest Spots
  • & All Other Broadcast Forms


  • Mail Flyers

  • Postcards

  • Letters/Newsletters

  • Coupon Books/Local Advertisers

  • & Other Direct-Mail Items

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