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Your website is an online storefront for your business that is always accessible. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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We build strong digital brands, accomplished through the use of market-related research, clean & eye-catching designs, practical features, traffic & lead strategies, search engine optimization, and analytics studies & testing. Our designers create some of the web’s greatest modern websites. Utilizing the latest features and design trends to attract attention & look professional. We make your site look even better than that of a fortune 500 company.



Don’t waste your time with a website built for the pre-mobile world.

Your website is a vital part of your business. The design of that website will represent your brand, giving that ever-so-important first impression to your audience. When someone tries to view your site on their phone and are forced to wait for it to download, or they can only read half of the content, you could lose business. and can only see half of an image or read half a sentence. That single bad impression will probably have potential customers looking elsewhere and that’s why responsive web design is so important.

A responsive website is one that can expand or contract to fit the size of the screen it’s viewed on. RWD makes your content viewable on a desktop, notebook, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or whatever else.

Google estimates that 65% of users won’t return to a site if it has poor mobile accessibility.

Calinix makes sure your website can be properly displayed anytime, anywhere. We utilize the latest in web design technology in order to create responsive websites that will work on all devices, systems, and browsers. Plus, we’ve been doing it for quite a long time now and have mastered the trade.

Our developers are innovative professionals, constantly evolving their strategy and design skills to stay ahead of the curve. In order to help our clients become industry-leaders and stay ahead of their competition, we have to stay on the cutting edge. So we utilize and develop all of the latest web solutions and technology (HTML5, PHP7, CSS3) to create content that is easily accessible and viewable on any device.

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Solid Performance

at Lightning Speed

We get how important your business & its website is. These days, a few milliseconds of load-time might be the difference between your next big sale, or a potential customer lost to the competition. So we ensure that your website is delivered at lightning fast speeds, wherever and whenever it’s viewed.

Calinix will help you get your web project done the right way.

Our services strive to be the perfect fit for your needs. Part of that involves not charging you a small fortune, but also not being the cheap alternative that ends up costing you even more. With Calinix, you get more than what you pay for.

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Build A Respected Digital Image

We know design – and we know there is more to your website than simply creating it. Unfortunately, to be successful on the web – there is much more to be done. Your website is so important to your business and so it needs to be designed the right way. Not simply keeping the look in mind – but designing your site as the central hub to represent your brand across the entire web. Being HQ for your digital brand, it must also be designed to catch the consumer’s eye, capture leads, assist sales, promote your brand, and also be a place people enjoy visiting – and Calinix does just that.


Future-Proof Designs For A Lasting Digital Presence.

We’ve made it our mission to consistently stay at the cutting edge of the web trends, design, & technology. So we study everything from your industry & market to your location & data history in order to design the perfect website, custom tailored for you. All while making sure your content is not affected negatively by things like Google’s latest search results ranking algorithm or an outdated feature on your website.

The internet is constantly & radically evolving, getting stronger, faster, and just plain better each day. So we stay focused on building our clients a lasting web presence. Keeping them ahead of the game so they can be leaders in their industry.

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Search Engine Rank

Built to be Found Online.

When we build a website, the attention to detail shines through. The way we wireframe and lay out the site for simple navigation and decrease bounce-rates, craft content & call-to-actions to gain leads, or set up social linking tactics for max-visits is all customized and meticulously plotted.

So it’s no shock that when we build your website, we build it to be seen. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly at the forefront of our minds. Setting up each website so that it will be easily found on all major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Because who wants to spend time & money on SEO when you just got a brand new website?








Any good project begins with solid research, so that’s where we begin. To create a good website we must learn your business. We do just that by speaking with you, then researching & analyzing your company, industry, market-related data, keywords, and whatever else we can. Once we have a feel for your business, the planning begins, where we can combine research with your preferences and requests. With a solid plan, we begin the design process, which begins with wireframing & creating content. Soon after we gather and create images, video and work on copywriting & SEO. At this point, we can begin the web development process. Here, using the top site platforms & programming languages, we add tools & applications that produce results. All while creating an environment that will be easy for you to take over & manage once it is finished. After it’s all said and done, we go to a test & editing phase. Once we are happy, we make sure that you feel the same way about the finished product. Then it goes live! The end result being a modern, good looking & well-crafted website that produces traffic, implements strong SEO, and becomes a centerpiece of your marketing strategy.

plan. design. develop. market.

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More than just building your perfect website… We provide everything your business needs to create a strong web presence and elevate your success to the next level. From SEO/SEM services to social media development, or even writing your content for you. We have your digital solutions here.




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