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Your website is an online storefront for your business that is always accessible. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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We believe in building strong digital brands, accomplished through the use of clean, user-friendly, & eye catching designs, practical “made simple” features, traffic & lead strategies, search engine optimization, market-related research, and analytics studies & testing. The best part is, all of the forementioned is included with every website design by Calinix.

Calinix consistently stays at the cutting edge of the web, design trends, and technology. We study everything from you industry & market to your location and personal data to design the perfect website for you. Making sure your content is not affected negatively by things like Google’s latest search results ranking algorithm or an outdated feature on your website.

Future-Proof Designs For A Lasting Presence.

Our objective is to lead the charge in web technology and innovations. The internet is constantly & radically evolving, getting stronger, faster, and just plain better each day. We make sure that you stay ahead of the game. Making our objective for any project no matter how small, to build you a strong and lasting web presence.





Your website is vital to your business. The design of that website will represent your brand and give that ever-so important first impression. The wrong impression will have potential customers looking elsewhere. Especially when they go to view your site on their phone and can only see half of an image or read half a sentence. That is why responsive web design is so important.

Google estimates that 65% of users won’t return to a site if it has poor mobile accessibility.

A responsive website is one that can expand or contract to fit the size of the screen it’s viewed on: desktop, notebook, smartphone, tablet etc. We utilize the latest in web design technologies in order to create responsive websites that will work on all devices, systems and browsers.  Whether its a smart TV,  an android tablet, an apple watch or any other device. Calinix makes sure your website can be properly displayed anytime, anywhere.

We have been developing responsive websites for a long time now and have mastered the trade. We utilize and develop all of the latest web solutions and technology (HTML5, PHP7, CSS3) to create content that is beasily accessible and viewable on any device.



Sell your products and make money online!$$$ 

Expand your business through the world wide web! Our team will get your business online in a flash. We develop websites through many different e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce, Magneto, Prestashop, Opencart & more. Our designers understand that with each platform, comes even more choices. That’s why we help you choose the right platform and solutions for your business based on your industry, market and size. In order to assist you in creating the perfect online store for you, and maximize the potential for new leads and sales.

All of our e-commerce sites come fully loaded, responsive and customized to your every detail.  Integrate apps & tools like Paypal, , e-mail, finance-ware, inventory managment, your social media accounts & more! You imagine it, we make it happen. Plus, we make sure that your online store will be easily found by your consumers. How? Every Calinix website includes professional search engine optimization so you don’t have to worry about it later. With Calinix, you’ll be selling products and getting paid online in no time.

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Build your website on the world’s most popular platform!

It’s no wonder why 28% of the web uses WordPress to build & manage their website.

At Calinix, it’s our favorite content management system. WordPress has become our go-to for developing dynamic websites & just about ANY website. From small blogs to big-name companies and nearly any other website. WP makes it easy to create innovative websites, manage all of your content and keep your audience updated.

We use the latest and greatest WP technology to keep your site up to date, secure, useful, and attention-grabbing. We make it easy for you to manage your website when we are done with it so that you can easily make changes, updates and more. Talk to us today about designing & developing your WordPress powered website!

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Build A Respected Digital Image

We know design – and we know there is more to your website than simply creating it. Unfortunately, to be successful on the web – there is much more to be done. Your website is so very important. It needs to be designed the right way. Not simply keeping the look in mind – but designing your site to represent your brand across the entire web. At Calinix, we do just that.

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More than just building your perfect website… We provide everything your business needs to create a strong web presence and elevate your success to the next level. From SEO/SEM services to social media development, or even managing all of your online/digital content. We have your solutions.

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Take your business to the next level!

We believe that a strong brand and effective marketing is the key to growth and success. Let Calinix build your brand and increase your potential.

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