Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is just like it sounds, it’s marketing using digital tools & resources. It’s the opposite of traditional marketing (paper-print ads, telemarketing, billboards, etc.). Digital Marketing has become the primary channel for campaign strategy in modern times. Mainly for it’s  effective and has capabilities unmatched by other marketing schemes.

If you’re ready to drive more prospective clients for your business, from the internet… We have what you need. Our digital marketing program is designed to drive more traffic to your website & profiles using digital channels like search engines, email marketing and social media. Furthermore turning traffic into leads and then, leads into sales.

Our digital marketing service uses nearly all of the same tactics listed above(Under-Marketing Strategy). Every business differs in their need for certain tactics. However, no matter how a campaign is comprised, the digital route is always effective when done correctly. We research every business thoroughly, using personal, geographical, and industry related data to lay out a tactical strategy that will be set up for success.  

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • Ever-Growing Marketing Sect.

  •  Target Your Audience by Location, Age, Gender, Interests, Search-History, etc.

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Interact With Your Audience
  • Cost-Efficiency

  • Fast Results

  • Effective Free Options (See our write -up here)

  • Efficient Advertising (Many Free Credits Available!)

  • Update or Edit Instantly

  • Real-Time Analytics

Marketing Strategy

More Leads, More Business. Planning Success.

Here at Calinix, we are focused on growing businesses into successful brands. Success does not come easily, that’s why we offer our digital AND  traditional marketing services. Every business should have marketing strategy/plan that clearly states their goals, objectives and specific information for each campaign. Without a strategy you are just simply fighting blind.

We take what we do very seriously. Our marketing strategy is filled with the solutions your company needs to grow. A well crafted strategy includes solid content combined with market-based data & data-centered campaigns. By researching your business, industry and geographical location we are then able to create the perfect blend of tactics to use in your campaign & setting your targets. Each following week we’ll use your campaign’s analytics to adjust and succeed.

We help take you the the next level by employing tactics like:

  • Industry & Geographical Research

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Marketing Automation

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Marketing/Advertising

  • Content Marketing

  • Responsive Website Design

  • Landing Page Design

  • E-Mail Marketing

  • Call To Action Strategies

  • Link Building

  • Infographic Design

  • Monitoring Analytics

  • Downloadable Content

  • Public Relations








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