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Your Logo Is The Face Of Your Business.

We know this better than anyone. So we consistently create thought-provoking and recognizable logos to represent your brand and deliver your message. Striking imagery & typography that make your first impressions count. Giving your business potential to become a symbol that people can associate with your brand & instantly create feelings of quality & trust.

Critically Acclaimed Designs.

At Calinix we create strong brands through quality work at wholesale prices. Our graphic designer’s have created logos for companies around the world and have become some of the web’s top designer’s for contracting websites. We are skilled team of professionals dedicated to unleashing your brand’s potential. When working on your logo, we take into consideration not only your preferences and requests but also market-research and standard graphic design principals. We’ll  help you understand aspects of our process like color psychology and visual subconsciousness that will help boost your logo. Our artist will present our client 3 different-styled logo- options to choose from, and then up to 3 more styles of the chosen logo. Once the client decides on the logo, we edit, finalize and present them with the finished product. If they aren’t satisfied, we’ll restart the process! No one leaves unsatisfied. We make the most out of your brand with eye-catching, visually stunning & memorable designs.

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geovision logo by calinix

The Importance of Your Logo

Your logo is more than just an image or a series of words; it is your corporate identity. It is a key piece to the puzzle that is your brand. Your name and logo should tell people, who have never rendered your services, something about you. Your brand should be strong enough to convey a message and a feeling in an instant. On your site, social media page, local directory or advertisement people will always see your logo first. For that reason it could be all someone has to go by which to judge your business. If your logo looks professional, it alone may be the reason that someone decides to pick up the phone or stop by your location. Properly executed branding can set you apart from competition, and propel your business further than expected.

For some, it is time to think bigger. Some businesses do not understand the value of their brand; or find it necessary to have a logo. They choose not to jump in to branding, believing it is not a top priority for their success. Wrong. Your logo is your image and your image is often a deciding factor for clientele. Businesses who choose to market themselves and create their identity increase revenue steadily in the first year. The more you invest in your brand, the more successful it becomes. Which returns great business and a happy you.


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Designs, Updates, & Redesigns


As a consumer you will notice larger brands tend to update their logos every few years(See our example of Apple’s Apple). The same should ring true for any business. Design, markets & trends constantly change with the times. Eventually rendering a brand’s logo and company image outdated. The simple solution is to UPDATE your logo. Doing so is vital in order to stay relevant and keep your look modern Keeping you ahead of the competition and in tune with your audience.

This solution is best for businesses whose logo is established and well-known to it’s customers. Holding on to the image and reputation you have built with your audience is important and we know this. So when approaching updates we make sure to include the key image factors of your old logo. Then we tweak and re-design with market-specific design and modernization in mind. Giving you a finished product that is sure to attract attention and also have your regular clientele recognizing who that logo belongs to.

airbnb redesign


Some businesses, for any number of reasons, find that they need a kick-start. A total rejuvenation of their professional image to reintroduce themselves to their audience with a fresh face and new attitude. We call this a RE-BRAND or RE-DESIGN. Your logo is not being updated, and you are not exactly starting from scratch. It’s the middle-ground where we combine the aspects of your brand that youir consumers love with modernized design & some fresh ideas. The redesign of your logo is a surefire way to boost your brand’s success and get people interested. Perfect for those who want to create a buzz in their industry, or create a new appearance.

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We believe that a strong brand and effective marketing is the key to growth and success. Let Calinix build your brand and increase your potential.

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