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These days it’s hard to land an interview, nevermind a job. Maybe you have been out of work for awhile, or looking for your first paying job, either way landing a job can be stressful. We want to see you land your dream job!.. and our resume services will make it a reality.

Why is it so hard to find a good job or land the interview? Well it’s simple… Your Resume. Think I am trying to sell you? Nope. Resumes are massively important in a company’s hiring process. But in the modern era, they are more important than ever. 

That’s because many companies are now using an applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help filter resumes. ATS works by scanning resumes for keywords and phrases selected by the employer. The system then mathematically scores them for relevance, and finally sends the most qualified resumes through for human review. Once the application or resume gets to the hiring manager, they have candidates that are all qualified for the position.

Our resume services are sure to make you stand out. We are familiar with the in’s and out’s of the Applicant Tracking System used by so many employers today. With our job-specific resume writing service, we use the job posting, company information and industry-knowledge to make sure your resume passes through the ATS. Giving you the opportunity to be reviewed, and eventually get that interview.

At Calinix, we know exactly how to edit your resume to perfectly match each individual job that you apply for. Drastically increasing your odds to land an interview by as much as 75%. In an ocean of resumes, we make you shine.

How We Make The Perfect Resume:

  • Job-Specific & Industry-Specific Copies

  • Form & Function

  • Key Words

  • Compress & Prioritize

  • Proper Font

  • Spelling & Grammar

  • Varying Strong Action Verbs

  • Statistics

  • Industry/Employer Related Research

  • Make Every Word Count

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Finding The Perfect Job For You.

In addition to our resume services, we also have the Calinix Job Matching initiative. We want you to find the right job. One that is in need of your skills, and also provides an excellent work environment. For those unsure of where to apply, or don’t understand why they’re not getting a call back, our job search program is for you. We are often able to help clients in two ways…

Job Search Program

Here’s how the search program works. We take your resume, as well as information we have gathered from you about your ideal place to work, salary, hours and so forth. Then we compile your data and scope out potential matches based on that information. The goal is to rangle up between 5-10 perfect matches. If they are’nt available, we broaden your scope to make up the difference. Once your matches are available, you can fine tune your resume for each specific job posting. Maximizing your potential for landing the interview.

Client List

The other option we can sometimes offer, is through our clients. Calinix works with businesses on a daily basis. Many who are a start-up, expanding, or a large company. Often times these businesses are looking to hire employees, which originally provided the idea behind our job search initiative. If we had a nickel for every time a client asked us “You know anyone looking for work?”, we’d have…. a lot of nickels. From here on we thought it was a good idea to simply compile a list of our clients in search of employees, so that we could provide it to those in need of a job.

Every so often that list a rather long one. Then again, sometimes there is absolutely none. However we continue the effort to provide work for those that need it. For this service there is absolutely no charge. For our Job Search initiative, we don’t take a dime until you are employed(unless we do your resume as well.) We are doing our part to benefit the economy and get our community to work!

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