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Search Engine Optimization, or simply “SEO”, is the key to a successful digital presence. Being Ranked on Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever search engine is not some automatic or simple task. You want your business to reach the largest possible audience online, and well-crafted SEO makes that happen.  

Even when your new website is up and running, you’re establishing your brand on social media, and seem to be doing everything right, you’ll find that your business still isn’t easily found on the web. This is when you need SEO. It brings together many different tactics, proper-design techniques, and a little ingenuity to boost your page ranking. 

For most, it goes like this… Let’s say, for example:

You are a landscaper in Brockton, Massachusetts. You have a website, social media accounts and are listed locally (Yellow Pages, etc.). However you’re getting concerned due to the fact that they are not generating new leads. So one day you go online, pull up your browser and type in “landscaper near me” or “landscaping in Brockton, MA”. The results come up, but you aren’t there! So you try to get more specific but your company is barely ever on the first results page. 

WHY? Why Am I Not On The 1st Page?

Well, this is where SEO comes in. This is the exact situation you will find yourself in if your site was not built properly and optimized for the web. This is why every Calinix website is fully optimized for every search engine. We want your website to be online to its FULL potential. So our designs are carefully crafted with best SEO practices in mind for the best possible outcome. Thus launching your site to the forefront of search engines. 

We also offer stand-alone Search Engine Optimization services. This service is best for those who are in need of an updated SEO service, already have a website, or want to expand to SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Improve your online ranking too, reach a new audience, generate leads and get your content found online!

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